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Beginners Meditation Pack only $17 (normally $97)

Power up your meditation practice with this beginners meditation pack with the Meditate to Thrive EBOOK & Digital CD. A great companion to the 5 day meditation challenge! With guided meditations to support you on your journey. Includes BONUS Yoga Nidra meditation for deep relaxation & rejuvenation.

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Single Meditation Class$105

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Get started in learning the power of meditation to release stress & overwhelm. Create relaxation & inner calm with the power of meditation.

Melissa is a skilled and sensitive teacher. She is able to bring the essence of meditation into a creative and accessible form that allows both beginners to learn and those who have meditated before, to grow in their own personal practice. 

Sarah Figgins

After learning meditation l feel just calm and really in my own space. But l have noticed in the few weeks that l have been meditating there seems to be a flow on effect that lasts the week. I feel my actions are more considered, l am calmer and enjoy 'the moments' more fully. Is this the mediation I ask myself, and well l think that is the only thing l am doing differently so it must be.

Susan Currie

Learning meditation with Melissa has been very empowering because she has given me tools and information to use every day to help with my issues or worries. Practicing Melissa's meditations has really given me clarity, motivation and strength to do the things I love and enjoy for myself!
Carla Smarrelli